SHEleader@digital 2020

Impact with Femininity

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Day 1
SHE is coming on the 17/09/20!
Join the annual international conference which gives voice to the women leaders in the ICT and digitally
empowered economy. Learn more about the challenges which the on-growing gap between male and female
representatives in the tech industries bring and hear the solutions which female professionals working on
leading positions across digital, tech and art fields would give.
- Mind the gap - Engage more women in Deep Tech
- Women leadership is not a risk but a solution in the time of transformation - Leadership empowered by female strengths
- Gen Z changes the game - What skills are needed in the automated age
- Beyond Tech - The creation of sustainable future - The Green Solutions
- Digital Art - The New meeting point - This year SHE is an arty!

Day 2
Every leader must take their time for recreation and experiencing new things to boost their creativity and keep
the performance level high. SHE completely understands that and gives the possibility to all-conference
attendees to visit a series of mindfulness, yoga, and creative ideas exchange workshops one day after the
On the 2nd conference day all attendees would have the possibility to join 2 of the following events:
- Peace, balance and self-awareness - Mindfulness meditation and yoga practice
- Wellbeing through our Lifestyle
- Therapy and meditation through modern dance techniques -Movement and music to embody and provide a beat for your vision

Check the detailed agenda, latest news and what SHE has prepared for you here:


September 17, 2020 to September 18, 2020
9:00 to 16:00


Please contact the organizer for more information

Music Jam club, ulitsa "Pirotska", Sofia, Bulgaria