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Events come to your Evedo in what we call event streams. Choose between some predefined streams or add custom ones by your own taste.

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Open an event page to get detailed information about it.
Once the event is over rate and review it.

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Find out who is the organizer of the event and keep track of their events.

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Once you RSVP to events, they go straight to your calendar
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Use these buttons
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Click on a calendar entry to quickly see an overview of the event.

Create Events for Free

On evedo.co everyone can create events!
The more information you add, the more users will be able to discover them on their Evedo page.

Add beautiful covers
to attract more attention.

If you have a bar,
for instance, you can create its own promoter page and link the events to it. This way all your upcoming events will be visible on your bar page.

Set the events as private, thus you can invite
only certain individuals.

Create a Promoter

A Promoter is an event organizer (e.g. bar, gallery, artist, band, etc.) which can promote multiple events.
Create a promoter in order to build online reputation.

Why bother?
Creating a promoter is the best way for users to discover your newest events, because once they've followed you, they will be immediately notified about them.


Once you’ve created an event,
you can easily look at some useful statistics.

You are able to track the performance of your events: views, unique views, attending people and so on.

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